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The kernel

It all starts with an idea, or a kernel, as I like to call it. The Mark of the Gods started with a question. What if people that have voices in their head really had voices in their heads? Like sentient beings that talk to them, even torture them sometimes? The rest of it came to me one night when I was watching Ancient Aliens and marveling over Giorgio Tsoulcalos's hair (a whole story could be written about that). They were talking about the Anunnaki, and my mind got to whirling. What if there were still Anunnaki here on the earth? And what if one of their powers was to absorb people's consciousness into their minds? The rest went wild from there, and I'm afraid that any true source of knowledge about the Anunnaki will cringe if they read all the crap I have made up to about their world. So Giorgio, please don't come after me...I'm not prepared to defend myself against your world.

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