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Money, designer clothes, a hot boyfriend...what more could a girl want? How about powers that could change the world? But powers come with great responsibility, and Livvy finds herself fighting an ancient being, one that would use her to devastate our planet.

Mark of the Gods

Marked with a strange glowing tattoo from early childhood, Livvy Benson is locked in a mental institute while she fights the ramblings of a serial killer in her head. When Aleks, literally the guy from her dreams, shows up to break her out, she is introduced to a secret world populated by young people afflicted with her same malady, fancy cars, and lots of money. It all seems too good to be true. But their world is full of secrets, and when she learns what her mark means and what they want from her, she has to decide whether to flee the madness or stay and embrace what she is.

Curse of the gods cover v7.jpg
Curse of the Gods

Livvy’s attempts to bring democratic change to Haven Hills go horribly awry. Not only is the community hell bent on keeping their over-lording committee, early suicides, tattooing of babies, and ranking systems, they are determined to do away with Aleks and marry off Livvy to Kyle. When Aleks escapes and heads to Russia to confront his father, Livvy follows. There she is forced to accept that Aleks is much more dangerous than she wants to admit. Forced into close quarters with Andrei, Aleks’s twin brother, she begins to realize that she might have formed a bond with the wrong brother. Andrei is more than she expected, and as she navigates her way through an unnatural attraction to two brothers, she finds herself in a situation that will cause pain for everyone. Lad’ya Belovosky may be the home of the Anunnaki and her birthplace, but it seems like the black hole of her existence, sucking her into it every timeline she goes to.

Land of the gods.jpg
Land of the Gods

In the works. Check back for release date.

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