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Mark of the Gods


Tattooed with a glowing mark, Livvy knows she doesn’t belong to the family that abandoned her to a mental institution. She can’t explain how she ended up with a serial killer in her brain, or how she knows everything he knew, all his military training and martial arts, but he drives her crazy with his constant remarks. When a couple of young guys, including the hot Russian boy she has dreamed about all her life, show up to help her escape, she jumps on the chance. They introduce her to Haven Hills, a town run by an ancient sect of young kids with cold cash, fast cars, and short lives. They shower her with gifts, and show her how to unlock goddess-like powers. She quickly makes friends with her roommate, Carly, the funny town witch with an evil, furry companion. Everything seems to be perfect. Sparks fly between her and Aleks. But Aleks is dangerous, and the more time she spends at Haven Hills, the more the secrets she learns about the town and her lineage scare her. When the leaders coerce her into a deadly form of time travel, she has to decide whether to stay and embrace who she is, or run away from the boy she has fallen for and risk insanity for the rest of her life.

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